PRINCE2® 2017 Update

AXELOS, the owner of PRINCE2®, has updated the 2009 version. This new version is called the PRINCE2® 2017 Update. On this page you can read everything you need to know about the update.

What is de PRINCE2® 2017 Update?

Feedback from the PRINCE2® community has shown that there is a need for more information about the application of PRINCE2® to different types of projects. To meet this need, the PRINCE2® Update focuses more on customizing the method.

The most important changes in the manual "Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2®" focus on:

  • tailoring PRINCE2® to the needs of the organization and the project environment;
  • the underlying principles of PRINCE2®;
  • clarifying the link between themes and principles;
  • including specific examples of customizing PRINCE2® in the 7 themes;
  • applying the method in practice, with numerous examples, hints and tips;
  • information about the "PRINCE2® Membership".

Does the PRINCE2® method change?

The PRINCE2® method remains unchanged; the 7 principles, 7 themes and 7 processes remain intact. The differences are found in the way the method is explained in the manual, and in the examination. Read more about the differences below.

What are the most important changes?

Certification with the PRINCE2® 2017 Update

There are no changes regarding the Foundation certificate; this remains valid indefinitely. The 2017 Practitioner certificate however, expires after 3 years instead of 5. The recertification exam has also been canceled.

Renewing the certification for Practitioner can be done in two ways with the arrival of the 2017 update:

  • Through the "PRINCE2® Membership". As a PRINCE2® member you can demonstrate that your PRINCE2® knowledge is up-to-date by carrying out various activities. For example, by following training courses, providing training and implementing PRINCE2® projects in practice. If you have undertaken sufficient activities, after 3 years your certification will be automatically extended by another 3 years. Meer informatie.
  • In case you don’t obtain enough points or you don’t have Membership, you can re-certify after 3 years by taking the Practitioner exam again.

PRINCE2® 2017 Update exams

The exams have also been renewed with the 2017 Update. Click on 'Foundation' or 'Practitioner' to see more information about the relevant exams.


The exams have been adjusted so that the exam treats the core of PRINCE2® more efficiently and clearly.

  • Elements of the exam that are not part of the core have been removed (such as configuration management, which is now not described in detail within the method).
  • Assessment criteria around tailoring have been added.
  • The emphasis on different parts of the syllabus has been readjusted, for example the principles feature more prominently, and there is a more equal weighting amongst the seven themes.
  • Improvements to the exam design have been made, such avoiding negative questions and reducing the number of missing word and list questions.
  • The number of questions on a paper has been reduced from 75 to 60 and trial questions have also been removed.
  • The time allowed for the exam remains 60 minutes.
  • The pass mark has been increased to 55%. Therefore, candidates require 33 marks out of 60 to pass.

There is renewed focus on ensuring that candidates have the ability to apply PRINCE2
practically in a given project environment and increase the value gained from using the

  • The emphasis on different parts of the syllabus has been readjusted, for example there are questions specifically around the principles, and the number of questions about management products has been reduced.
  • The candidate is tested on their ability to apply the core of each theme and process, and also on their practical ability to assess, in a particular context, whether an particular approach to project management is effective and fit for purpose.
  • Improvements to the exam design have been made, such as reducing the amount of ‘additional information’ needed to answer the questions and removing complex question styles, such as ‘assertion-reason’.
  • The number of marks on a paper has been reduced to 68 instead of 80.
  • The time allowed for the exam remains 2 hours and 30 minutes .
  • The pass mark for the exam is 38 marks out of 68 (approximately 55%).

Do I have to get a new certificate?

Your PRINCE2® Foundation certificate remains valid indefinitely and you do not need to renew it, even if you have obtained this in a previous version. With your current PRINCE2® Foundation certificate you can also take the "2017 Update" Practitioner exam. However, it remains mandatory to follow a training course if you want to take the exam at a training organization.

Your current Practitioner certificate remains valid as long as the original validity period has not yet expired. After that, you can take the "2017 Update" exam, and your Practitioner certificate will be valid for 3 years.

De 2017 Update training

Metier Academy offers the PRINCE2® 2017 Update training in both Foundation and Practitioner level. The training is available in Dutch and in English.

PRINCE2 2017 Update AXELOS

Need more information? Read all about the update in AXELOS' FAQ.