Frequently asked questions


What does ‘completely online’ mean?

  • Our e-learning courses are offered entirely online. That means that you can complete the entire course on your own computer, in your own time, and wherever you are. So there is no classroom training day included.

How can I apply for an e-learning course?

  • Registering is very easy. Click on order and select one of our online PRINCE2® training courses, and complete the ordering process. We will contact you to check your order. You will then receive an invoice from us and we will send you your login details for your personal account on our online learning portal. With this login you have access to your courses wherever and whenever you want. The login period depends on the package ordered.
  • Via the learning portal you can follow the e-learning package you have chosen, supported by an e-coach. At any time you can test your knowledge with one of the available test exams. If you think you are ready to take the exam, contact the e-coach.

What are the technical requirements for my computer?

  • Internet connection
    • The e-learning courses are accessible through internet. Although there are no requirements regarding the connection speed, the connection must be reasonably stable because of the continuous communication of your progress from and towards the learning portal. Contact the e-coach in case of technical problems.

Is online training suitable for me?

  • Online training is suitable for almost everyone. Though it requires a certain amount of self-discipline. In case of doubt, you can always contact the e-coach, who can provide useful tips and personal advice.

How much preparation do I have to take into account?

  • This depends on your own present knowledge and experience, the training course you choose, and the amount of detailed knowledge you want to obtain. On average, you can take the following into account:
    • PRINCE2® Foundation: 10 to 15 hours
    • PRINCE2® Practitioner: 15 to 20 hours
    • PRINCE2® Foundation & Practitioner: 25 to 30 hours

What is included in the e-coaching?

  • Our e-coaches have been active in project management for years. They will answer all your substantive questions and assist you through e-mail. In case of technical problems, they will arrange technical support.
  • The e-coaches also monitor your progress and advise you on your study pace, enabling you to complete your course within the remaining access period.
  • On top of that, you can always contact them for practical advice on learning, preparing for the exam or to request a study plan.

Do I really need the e-coach?

  • For PRINCE2® Foundation it depends on your present knowledge and experience. In case you do not have any project management experience at all, we would advise you to opt for the e-coach. In case you do have some project management experience, you probably do not need online coaching. But don’t worry, it is always possible to opt for online coaching at a later date.

I don’t like reading from a screen. Do you offer printed course material as well?

  • No paper course material is used for online training. You can, however, order the official PRINCE2® manual. This serves as a reference but does not replace the curriculum from the digital learning environment. The learning environment offers the possibility to print, but this only concerns part of the theory.

What other training materials do I need?

  • You do not need any additional study materials to complete the PRINCE2® Foundation course and take the Foundation exam.
  • For Practitioner, we recommend purchasing the PRINCE2® manual “Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2®”, as the Practitioner exam is an open book exam, and the manual is the only book that you are allowed to use during the exam. We offer the manual for 95 euros (excluding shipping costs), when ordered in combination with one of our training courses.

Why can’t I take the exam without taking a course?

  • All PRINCE2® training organizations have a training obligation. This means that no training organization is authorized to take exams from candidates who have not followed a training course with them.


What are the PRINCE2® exams like?

  • The PRINCE2® Foundation exam is a 1-hour exam, consisting of 60 multiple choice questions. Passing the PRINCE2® Foundation exam is a prerequisite for taking the PRINCE2® Practitioner exam.
  • The PRINCE2® Practitioner exam is a 2.5-hour “objective testing” exam. It is an open book exam where the PRINCE2® manual may be used.
  • After passing the PRINCE2® Practitioner exam, you will be a Registered PRINCE2® Practitioner.


Can I take both exams (Foundation & Practitioner) on the same day?

  • Yes, it is possible to take both exams on the same day. Contact the e-coach to discuss the advantages and disadvantages that are involved.

What are the criteria to pass the exams?

  • Foundation exam: 33 out of 60 points are required to pass the exam.
  • Practitioner exam: 38 out of 68 points are required to pass the exam.
  • To become a PRINCE2® trainer, the Practitioner exam must be taken with a minimum of 66% correct answers.

What’s your success rate?

  • Foundation exam: Success rate 2013 * = 96.8% (Average worldwide)
  • Practitioner exam: Pass rate 2013 * = 79.5% (Average worldwide)
  • Success rate 2014 Foundation exam through Metier Academy Benelux = 100%
    Success rate 2014 Practitioner exam through Metier Academy Benelux = 85.0%

* Since 2014, worldwide success rates are no longer released.

For how long is my certification valid?

  • The Foundation certificate remains valid indefinitely.
  • In the 2009 version, the Practitioner certificate remains valid for 5 years. In the 2017 Update version the Practitioner certificate remains valid for 3 years.

Do you offer the official exams?

  • Metier Academy Benelux, the organization behind, is a PRINCE2® Accredited Training Organization (ATO). We only take the official exams and are authorized to do so by PeopleCert, the organization that issues the PRINCE2® certificates. These are official, internationally recognized certificates.

How long does it take to receive the exam results and the certificate?

  • You will receive a preliminary result within a day (“passed” or “failed”). The official result, including your score and online certificate, usually follows within 5 working days, but certainly within 2 weeks by email. From that moment the certificate can be downloaded from your PeopleCert account.

Is it possible to receive my certificate sooner?

  • No, unfortunately that is not possible. It is an official certificate issued by PeopleCert, the examination institute. You will, however, receive a digital badge as soon as the official result is known.

When can I take the exam?

  • Basically, it is up to you to determine when you are ready for the exam. You are able to register for the exam directly from the beginning of the course. However, we advise you to arrange the registration in collaboration with the e-coach.
  • It is recommended to take the exam within the access period of your account, so you can still practice the material and test exams on the days before the exam.
  • Registering for the exam is easy. Just request a “voucher code” from the e-coach, and you can schedule a date through the examination platform.
  • We recommend to request the code at least 2 weeks prior to the desired exam date, as the e-coach has no insight in available exam dates and times.
  • Please note that it is not possible to take the exam without following a training course.

On what courses do you offer success guarantee?

  • On all our PRINCE2® courses.

What does your success guarantee entail?

  • We are convinced that you will pass the exam, provided that you successfully complet the course and practice with the available test exams.

    In the unlikely event that this is not the case, we offer you a free extension of the access period to our learning portal, including the use of the e-coach until the new exam date, with a maximum duration of 2 months per course. Please note that the success guarantee does not include the costs for retaking the exam.

Can I retake the exam if I fail?

  • Yes, you can register with the e-coach to retake the exam. In case you fail the exam, you can use our success guarantee once.

What are the costs for a re-exam?

  • The standard costs for the re-exams are:
    • Foundation exam: € 299
    • Practitioner exam: € 449

How do I apply for a re-exam?

  • You can register with the e-coach for a re-exam.

How can I take an open PRINCE2 exam?

  • To participate in an exam organized by Metier Academy, you need to order a course with us. We do not offer exams only. Please contact us for more information.

How does online examination work?

  • As soon as you are ready for the online exam, you can inform the e-coach by e-mail. Within 48 hours, the e-coach will send you an e-mail containing all the necessary information to create an account on the examination platform.
  • With this account you are able to choose the date and time of the exam yourself. We recommend that you request the exam at least two weeks prior to the desired exam date.
  • The e-coach provides all the information you need to prepare for the online exam. To avoid technical problems when taking the exam, we recommend testing your computer and internet connection a few days prior to the exam date. The e-coach will send you instructions on how and where to do this.
  • At the scheduled time you log in to the examination platform. An online examiner (proctor) will be ready to put the exam on your screen. The proctor will guide you through a few steps before you can start the exam. Therefore, allow approximately 30 minutes of preparation before you can actually start the exam. All steps are described in the information you receive from the e-coach, after applying for the exam.
  • Click here for more information about the online exam.


Can I get a discount if I apply with a group of people?

  • If you register simultaneously with several people, you will receive a 5% discount on the training fee. The discount does not apply to exams and course materials.

Are the prices on your website including the exam?

  • Whether the exam is included in the price, depends on your package choice. The basic training package does not include exam and VAT.


I don’t have a Foundation certificate. Can I apply for the Practitioner course?

  • No, the PRINCE2® Foundation certificate is a prerequisite for taking the PRINCE2® Practitioner course.

    The PRINCE2® Practitioner course, teaches you to apply PRINCE2® in practice. This requires that you are familiar with the method, concepts and processes that are taught in the PRINCE2® Foundation course, and form the basis of PRINCE2®.

Is it possible to take the exam only?

  • No, it is not possible to participate in the PRINCE2online exam without completing a training course with us.

    AXELOS, the owner of PRINCE2®, has stipulated that training organizations are not allowed to offer exams to people who have not followed any training with them.

Are you accredited to offer PRINCE2® courses?

  • Yes, Metier Academy Benelux (the organization behind PRINCE2online) is a training organization accredited by PeopleCert.
  • PeopleCert is the only examination institute, allowed to accredit training organizations on behalf of AXELOS.

Do you offer custom/in-company training courses as well?

  • Yes, we also offer customized training. Please see our groups & in-company section for more information.

Am I obliged to buy the PRINCE2® manual?

  • We only offer the official PRINCE2® manual “Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2®”. Buying the manual is optional for PRINCE2® Foundation to serve as a reference.
  • For PRINCE2® Practitioner, we highly recommend buying the manual as the manual may be used during the Practitioner exam.

Do you offer PRINCE2® courses and exams in languages other than English?

  • All our training courses and exams are available in Dutch and English. Support by the e-coach also takes place in Dutch and / or English. Click here for our Dutch site.

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