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Geaccrediteerde PRINCE2 trainingsorganisatie | PeopleCertOnlinePRINCE2 is a product by Metier Academy Benelux. Metier Academy Benelux is an Accredited PRINCE2® Training Organization. PeopleCert has formally qualified and accredited Metier Academy Benelux to provide PRINCE2® training.


We are a trainer, advisor, developer, partner and coach

We are an authority in the field of interactive blended and online training and an innovative and flexible partner for our customers. We advise companies on their training strategy and help to develop and implement it.

In collaboration with our customers we always find the right answer in the field of training, whatever the question may be, with impressive results as a result. We think along, come up with innovative ideas and show how things can even be improved. In addition, we are praised by many customers for our flexibility and expertise. The sky is the limit!


Metier Academy Benelux originated as a subsidiary of Metier Academy International. Metier Academy, founded in 1999, has its origins in project management and has since become a global specialist in e-learning. Thousands of people worldwide are trained every year in "best practices" in project management. Metier Academy helps organizations in the public and private sector in a wide range of industries.

Metier Academy Benelux BV started in 2007 and focuses on professional. Being one of the pioneers in the Netherlands, Metier Academy is engaged in online training in various industries and has since grown into an expert in this field. Since 2007, Metier Academy Benelux has trained more than 70,000 participants, of which more than 24,000 people currently use an active account.


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